Chicken Noodle Casserole


This cheesy chicken noodle casserole is made with a creamy mushroom sauce, chicken, cheese, and broccoli. You'll want to keep this one in the rotation!


  1. Posted by stashajames, — Reply

    This was so yummy I didn’t get a chance to take a pic before my family demolished it lol.

  2. Posted by Ran901, — Reply

    This was so delicious that I added it to the list of casseroles I will make at Thanksgiving.

  3. Posted by mvanschepen, — Reply

    Awesome! Hubby said it’s a keeper!

  4. Posted by joeyscanga, — Reply

    I boiled my chicken then shredded it, then put it in the the pan to cook with the broccoli... I hate dry chunky chicken and I think boiling it and shredding it helps! My family loves this one.

  5. Posted by leogirl8503, — Reply

    I used cream of chicken instead of cream of mushroom. It was very good. My husband and I liked it, but my kids didn't. They ate a little bit (because that's how we do things in our house) and then made a PB&J cuz mom doesn't cook two meals! My husband added hot sauce and we both added some S&P at the end but we loved it!

  6. Posted by lindaa239, — Reply

    It was great my family loved it

  7. Posted by kellymccormack9, — Reply

    Quick, easy and most importantly TASTY dish!

  8. Posted by karalina428, — Reply

    Doubled the recipe and added some Tony's to it to spice it up. Also bought a rotisserie chicken for an easy dinner!

  9. Posted by dln8920, — Reply

    Made for my parents they loved it!

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