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  1. Posted by lukeesherwood, — Reply

    this isn’t necessarily mental illness. people maintain strength through tough situations, allowing their stress and anger to build up and burst at minor inconveniences.

  2. Posted by jannalise13, — Reply

    im really starting to believe people actually want to be mentally ill /glorifying it because this isnt any trait of it other than being an emotional person

  3. Posted by lealicious81, — Reply

    This is having an anxiety or panic attack after you have already been trying to hold yourself together. It’s the small things that get you in the end😳😱😵

  4. Posted by cheyannejones94, — Reply

    The fact some of yall are trying to pinpoint what this is makes laugh. No it isnt necessarily a mental illness but guess what?? It sure as hell might be 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ lol

  5. Posted by judarx538, — Reply

    I was sent home after someone harassed me and I didn’t react but then a week or so later had a mental breakdown because they didn’t have Diet Coke lmao it be like that sometimes

  6. Posted by oliviasaaaaaaa, — Reply

    kept a straight face through getting berated and verbally abused over 4 hours, completely broke down over losing a safety pin. it really do be like that sometimes

  7. Posted by channamccauley, — Reply

    I’m not mentally ill, but totally understand the rage over losing something as insignificant as a pen🤷🏾‍♀️ it’s always the minor things that sets me off

  8. Posted by VJR22_6, — Reply

    “If the thing that makes you hit 100 is very small, you might want to consider how long life has had you at 99” —something an old school teacher of mine told me when I would start falling apart over tiny things

  9. Posted by nicolestyga, — Reply

    Once, i spent all day "smiling" and keeping it together. Came home and had a mental break down/panic attack over losing like 5 dollars. Spent hours crying in my room and pretended i was ok whenever someone came in.

  10. Posted by WhoTheActuallyFuckAmI, — Reply

    This is so true! I was sexually harrassed really young and I was able to keep a somewhat straight face but then lmy old crush, who I wasn't even dating, sat with another girl at lunch and I had a breakdown

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